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We are spring-cleaning our stockroom and rediscovering a veritable cornucopia of amazing Damask industrial fragrances. We'll keep you posted -March 2018-





Australian owned

Australian made

Industrial Fragrances

Compounded (made) to order


All Damask formulas created by our own Master Perfumer,

Jonathon R Midgley




Damask Perfumery

Damask Perfumery provides an extensive range of Master Perfumer Jonathon Midgley's unique, ready-formulated, made-to-order, wholesale and commercial fragrance concentrates for industrial use. 


We are a Brisbane-based boutique fragrance laboratory dedicated to serving the needs of industries requiring specialised fragrance for their products. Damask manufactures and wholesales fragrance as required by the client, with order minimums of only one kilo. 


Our aim is to produce the highest quality fragrance aromas matched to our clients needs as cost-effectively as possible. We perceive there is a niche that needs to be serviced and we aim to offer the best service. 
If you require an aroma for a specific application, whatever it may be, 
we just may have the aroma you seek in our existing range.
We have available is a classic selection of Jonathon Midgley's original Fine Fragrances, for the individual only.
Damask Eau De Parfums are not made in commercial quantities, and only for sale in 30ml atomiser bottles.
Also please note: Jonathon's bespoke fragrance creation service is no longer available

Appointments are necessary...

Please contact us to confirm a special appointment time for you. 

Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Phone: (07) 3342 7993 or email:

Est. 1978



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