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"Am working on copying

The Lord's handiwork" 

-J R Midgley-




Australian owned

Australian made

Industrial Fragrances

Compounded (made) to order


All Damask formulas created by our own Master Perfumer,

Jonathon R Midgley




SALE: Get 50% off the marked wholesale price*

(Prices do not include packing and freight charges) (All prices listed are excluding GST)

Purchase: as little as one kilo, or up to the max amount** shown below

(** Total amount of stock available for sale with this offer)


BB (Benzyl Benzoate) diluted fragrances

Suitable for waxy oil-based production:- Application: Candles, Skin Waxing, Incense, Pomades (Oil-based Hair Control), Pet Grooming Powder.

5kgs x  Candy Cane - was $60/kg* - Sweet Gourmand (Confectionery)

10kgs x  Christmas Pudding - was $60/kg* - Rich, Sweet, Spicy, Fruit

5kgs x  Port-Wine Magnolia - was $60/kg* - Rich, Sweet, Floral

20kgs x  Tropical Coconut  - was $60/kg* - Sweet Coconut (Gourmand)

20kgs x  Vanilla Breeze  - was $70/kg* - Powerful Sweet Vanilla (Gourmand)


DPG (DiPropylene Glycol) diluted fragrances

Suitable for water-based production:- Application: Shampoos, Skin Wash, Skin Lotions, Soaps, Cosmetics, Cleaning Products, Room Diffuser Oil.

5kgs x  Candy Cane  - was $60/kg* - Sweet Gourmand (Confectionery)

5kgs x  Floral  - was $70/kg* - Fresh, Crisp, Modern Floral, Ozonic

8kgs x  Non-Sense  - was $65/kg* - Fresh, Herbal, Ozonic

5kgs x  Port-Wine Magnolia  - was $60/kg* - Rich, Sweet, Floral

5kgs x  Red Berries  - was $100/kg* - Sweet, Fruity, Floral

20kgs x  Vanilla Blonde - was $65/kg* - Rich Sweet Vanilla (Gourmand)


Damask Perfumery

Damask Perfumery provides an extensive range of Master Perfumer Jonathon Midgley's unique, ready-formulated, made-to-order, wholesale and commercial fragrance concentrates for industrial use. 

We are a Brisbane-based boutique fragrance laboratory dedicated to serving the needs of industries requiring specialised fragrance for their products. Damask manufactures wholesale fragrance as required by the client (min. order 1 kilo).


Our aim is to produce the highest quality fragrance aromas matched to our clients needs as cost-effectively as possible. We perceive there is a niche that needs to be serviced and we aim to offer the best service. 
If you require an aroma for a specific application, whatever it may be, 
we just may have the aroma you seek in our existing range. 


Please contact us to confirm a special appointment time for you. 

Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Phone: (07) 3342 7993 or email:

Est. 1978



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