Name-dropping classic Damask fine fragrances? 

yes, we are…

...Abraxas,  Amber Sauvis,  Ambriel (dry woods),  Anubis (dry woods),  Arjuna,  Aurum Sacrum (oriental),  Australian Ginger Lily (floral),  Beau Brummell,  Beltaine (soft oriental),  Berkana (oriental),  Black Dragon (mossy woods),  Bollywood Dreamgirl (soft oriental),  Dagaz (soft oriental),  Darkness (woody oriental),  Egyptian Amber (oriental amber),  Gardenia (floral),  Givenchy Gentleman Tribute,  Gnosis,  Hathor (woody oriental),  L‘age D‘or,  Lakshmi,  Lavender Man,  Lierre (green),  Lux Caeruleus (fresh floral),  Lyre (floral bouquet),  Mielikki (soft floral),  Morphia (soft oriental),  Nephesh (green),  Nyx (mossy woods),  Odin (ozonic),  Oman (oriental),  Oriental Lily (floral),  Osiris,  Ostara,  Pacific Mist,  Panopeia (fresh floral),  Persephone,  Phaedra (mossy woods),  Poppaea (oriental chypre),  Rose N.I. (floral),  Rose of Persia (floral oriental),  Sachiel,  Sacred Wood (woody oriental),  Sahara (woody oriental),  Salome (fruity oriental),  Samhain (floral oriental),  Selene,  Sephiroth (floral oriental),  Serpens Mercurialis (oriental),  Shalimar Tribute (oriental),  Smoky Rose,  Soir de Paris (floral aldehyde),  Sophia,  Spring Jasmine (fresh floral),  Thé Noir (green),  Thoth (dry woods),  Thoth-Hermes (dry mossy woods),  Tibetan Incense (soft oriental),  Tubereuse and Gardenia (floral),  Valkyrie (mossy woods),  Veles,  Venus (soft floral),  Vetivert Ancien (dry woods),  Viking (mossy woods),  White Flower Bouquet (soft floral),  Wunjo,  Yule (fresh floral)...

Damask Eau De Parfum Fine Fragrance in 30ml atomiser bottle:

$75* per bottle, and shipping for an extra $15* to anywhere in Australia (up to four bottles per parcel) *prices include GST.

Please email or phone us with your fragrance request and we’ll confirm availability, as there is limited stock of some fragrances. Payment is via online bank transfer. Email your order to:

*** Note: Damask fragrances are only available for orders & shipping within Australia ***